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A semi, or temporary color is a color which fades out almost completely over several weeks. This type of color will only blend grey, but it is also the type of colors used for primary color effects such as pink, blue, red, or green. It adds exceptional shine and can give body and decrease frizz.
High fashion colors are usually achieved by a process of lightening and then applying a temporary color. I use Inkworks by Paul Mitchell, which I have found achieves the highest quality color as well as holding for several weeks longer than other temporary colors. If lightening is not done properly this technique often results in off tones. Best attempted by a professional with very high quality training and experience!
Demi-permanent colors deposit color without lifting (the cause for regrowth or roots). This type of color fades naturally over many weeks or months but is great for covering grey (not 100 percent, however) or adding a little spark.

Permanent color. This is what stylists use for covering grey 100%, or if a little (or a lot) of lift is wanted. This requires commitment, but it can be worth it.

Double process lightening is how Platinum Blonde is achieved; if done poperly it leaves the hair in good condition. However, it takes a true professional and should only be done with the greatest of care.

Full or partial highlights, or color weaving is how to achieve that sunkissed look, or go all out to give paneled or block color looks. Foil is used to place the color or lightener precisely where it’s needed. Toning or glossing may be used after to alter the color or seal the cuticle for extra shine.

Color correction is my specialty. I have extensive experience fixing other peoples mistakes. This requires commitment of time and patience. It also requires a consultation to best determine what type of process will be used. It can be as easy as a one hour toner appointment or as complex as a 5 to 8 hour color removal and recolor.



I have had over 20 years of hands on experience, attended classes at the Paul Mitchell Academy, and continue to attend seminars and classes whenever possible...

Some services I employ: