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Well, after the sale of All That Jazz, and a couple of detours, I had thought I would settle for good at The Salon at Maple Court, but I was wrong! In Febuary (after losing our lease at Maple Court just before Christmas), Sharon Jackson, Tenaya Frietas, Cecilia Scott, and I moved to Mansion Square where I opened my fabulous new salon Cobalt Salon & Gallery!

It's located at the corner of 2nd and E St. Still in Davis!

Stop by to check us out!



Hi all!

Many people may not know that I sent in an audition tape for a new reality series on Bravo last January. It's called Shear Genius, and it aired over the following spring.

Well, they had their first season without me. But it was a blast making the video. I learned a lot (both about film making, and myself!).

I thought some people might be interested in seeing the video; so, if you have a good connection speed just click on the link above.


enjoy, David


Hi, I'm David L Martin.

This is a catalogue of some of my art and hair style photography, as well as information about my 20 year styling career and Studio.


I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1987. I apprenticed with Bunny Jean Cunningham (one of the best haircutters I've known in my 20 years of styling), at J. Cunningham and Co., for 4 years before moving to All That Jazz hair salon, where I worked for 15 years. My partner Pete Nowlen and I owned All That Jazz for the last 5 years I was there.

Pete and I worked very hard to create an atmosphere of creativity and excellence, and during the time we owned All That Jazz it was voted Best Salon in Yolo County by the readers of the Davis Enterprise.

I have had advanced training in color, cut, and styling techniques from the Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy, certification from the Modern Salon Learning program, and a desire to continue to grow and learn as much as possible in the field of Cosmetology!


I paint mainly in oil on canvas. I work in both an abstracted and a realistic style. Most of my work is of people (usually friends or family), though I have plans for some flowers and other subjects.

I have studied painting with Gary Pruner at American River college. As you can tell he influenced my style quite a lot. He also inspired me artistically, for which I am very grateful. Other than studying at ARC, I would say I am largely self taught. My style is heavily influenced by early internet images. The concept of disconnected colors and almost no blending was inspired by very early images and movies (mid 1990’s) on various web sites and galleries.

Some of my pieces are purely emotional, and much more abstract. Most of my abstract emotion pieces consist almost entirely of self portraits. Much more difficult for me, is strictly realistic portraits. It takes a great deal of commitment and patience, but I find it worth the effort in the end. I hope you enjoy viewing my work.

My Photography

My studio, the Studio at David's, came about by chance, and was a wonderful opportunity to expand and transform my styling and photo-styling abilities. Surrounded by gardens and art, I worked hard to create an old fashioned salon experience, with a modern and inspiring atmosphere! It truly allowed me to grow as an artist.

Please feel free to contact me with feedback, or for information.

David Martin

You can contact me for commissions, appointments, or with comments here.

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Some color and cutting techniques I use